Here’s Our Story.

Wild Zucchinis Bistro came to life organically when Manon, a food lover and exceptional cook, decided to embark upon a new career path and share her passion with other people, who, like her, enjoy combining delicious food and entertainment. “We’ll bring some ‘lollapalooza’ to your events!” (typical Manon-speak.)

All the menus we create are from carefully sourced ingredients, where possible those are local, seasonal and organically-grown. Each menu we offer has options for food intolerance sufferers, vegetarians and vegans. We’re particularly mindful of the environment and are strong supporters of eco-friendly products and services.

Manon has an extensive experience in organising events both nationally and internationally. She is supported by a wonderful team of motivated and enthusiastic people as well as professionally-trained and experienced chefs.

"Catering for the National Trust. Wild Zucchinis. Cumbria."

“Well o’ well … Today I can officially say that it is probably the best birthday of my life!!! For years now I’ve been bantering about this big dream of mine and it’s finally become a reality! Here it is: the key to my dream, the soon to be open ‘Wild Zucchinis’ Bistro. A big thank you to Isobel and Alastair Silver for making this dream a reality and to all my many supportive friends and wonderful family who believe in me and my new venture.”
Manon Plouffe. September 24, 2013

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Wild Zucchinis Restaurant Cockermouth

Delicious and homemade meals delivered to your door!

Call 01900 823446 to order

Following the emergency situation related to the coronavirus outbreak, Wild Zucchinis Bistro/catering services will be continuing its services to support the older population, families, emergency workers and the larger community.
Your health and safety is of utmost priority to us and we will follow rigorous and strict procedures in the way we handle and prepare food as well as a safe payment and delivery method.

Dishes and meals currently available to order

(New dishes and meals will be updated regularly)

Greener than green
(Our delicious salads)

Super booster

Beetroot/orange and cider vinegar

Iron man


Vitamin injection


Carbs galore

Potato or Pasta mixed with Mediterranean vegs & mayo

£12.00 per large dish (aprox 12 portions)

 Booster Soups

Sweet potato/ginger & turmeric

Vegetable broth

Sopa de Ajo (garlic & almond soup)

1 litre £9.95

Vegan specialties

Shakshouka 1 litre / £12.95

Falafels £4.95 per portion

(served with hummus/minted youghurt & pitta)

Mushroom stroganoff 1 litre / £15.95

Vegan moussaka 1 large tray / £18.60

Vegan Lasagne 1 large tray / £18.60

Vegan Tagine 1 litre / £17.95

Family Meals
(Available quantities 1-10 + portions)

Lamb/chicken or vegetarian tagine 1 litre / £17.95

Meat or vegetarian lasagna 1 large tray / £18.60

Spanakopita (greek spinach & feta tart) 9 inch / £10.95

Meat or vegetarian bolognaise 1 litre / £12.99

Beef bourgignon 1 litre / £18.95

Coq au vin 1 litre / £18.95

Italian chicken casserole 1 litre / £17.95

Salmon and potato pie 9 inch / £12.95

Chicken kebabs £4.95 per portion

(served with hummus/minted youghurt & pitta)

Vegetarian koftas £4.95 per portion

(served with hummus/minted youghurt & pitta)

Mediteranean quiche 12 inch / £12.50

Brocoli & smoked salmon quiche 12 inch / £15.50

Baked treats
(Individual portions available)

Scones (*new vegan available) £1.95 each

Vegan chocolate cake £11.50

Gluten free polenta cake £15.50

Gluten free cheese cake £18.00

Caramel shortbread £15.00 per tray

Salted caramel brownies £15.00 per tray

Also available:

Romantic Dinner for 2

Children’s birthday party treats

(Please contact us for details)