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"Wild Zucchinis Bistro opens in Cockermoth

Why the lack of posts from Wild Zucchins recently? Well. We’ve been busy.

Welcome to Wild Zucchinis Bistro!

It was the end of an era yesterday! Wild Zucchinis catered for the last time in their Brigham kitchen and are now off to new adventures and more cooking in their bright new kitchens in Cockermouth.

We are soooooo excited!!! We wish to offer all our customers a very Happy New Year and special thanks for allowing us to look after you and your guests.

I would also like to offer special thanks to all of you that have come on board the team this year. Our five amazing chefs: Marcus Cosgrove, Yvonne Gainford, James Oates, Michael Fahmy and Dawn Pattinson and our maitre d’ and service staff: Clare O’Grady, Stephen Kidd, Jude Graham, Lynn Graham, Saskia May, Helen Tucker, Laurie Parks, Emma Mcgordon, Emily Howard, Kerry McFee, Antonia Dawson, Karolina Konopka, Josh Norris, Alastair Bowes, Molly McAleavy, Sophia Maddah and Alice Brookes. You have all been amazing to work with and your professionalism and experience supported Wild Zucchinis ethos of offering high quality food and service. Thanks also goes to our dedicated bakers Mary Cosgrove, Sue Horne and Kevin McTiernan, Organic fruits and vegetables supplier David James, local butchers Mark Lindsay and his team, Ravenglass fishmonger Steve Halett, Edible flowers supplier Helen’s Herbs, Wendy and Nick Shills, Mark and Jackie Williams catering hire, Roger Macbeth and many more… It’s been a fantastic year for Wild Zucchinis and we could not have been as successful without you all! I would also like to mention some very special people in my life who supported and helped me beyond belief. They have generously given many hours of their time, calmed me in moments of stress, put up with many of my ‘arghhhhh’ blips and believed in me and my venture from day one. These are my wonderful friends Aneela Scott, Isobel and Alastair Silver, Paula and Steve Mallinson-Roberts, Kim Butler and Danny Frost, Clare Brown, Sonja Tilleard, Catherine and Katie Nicholson, Kate Fisher, Deborah Adams, Debbie Taylor, Fliss Watts, Richard Cross, Ruth Helen, Jim Samson, Jeremy Over, Chris Scales and many more.

Finally, I shall be forever indebted to my amazing family both in Canada and in the UK who have religiously and lovingly been there for me this year. My brother Carl, Sister in law Karine, my mum, my husband Andy, my son Nathaniel and my daughter Saskia have been ever so supportive that there are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation.

A new life is about to start for us and it is with some degree of trepidation but a lot of excitement that we look forward to welcome you all in Wild Zucchinis Bistro, a long awaited dream, which is about to come true in the New Year! Woaowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Love you all! Manon X