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Team Sky

They’re from Team Sky, the team Bradley Wiggins is in!

The little old van in the image above I ran out to photograph. Unbeknown to me it was part of Bradley Wiggins’ team! Pffft … what a surprise that turned out to be!

My golly what an interesting day it has been … First we created all kinds of interesting goodies (some totally experimental) for the inauguration and christening of the cob oven at Riversmeet‘s St Helens Garden.

The plan was to bake some pizza in the newly built amazing looking oven but the weather was so bad that we had to abandon the plan of cooking on site and had to retreat to the Riversmeet Centre. There we had our little feast, a chat and a great laugh as per usual. Then I saw this cool-looking old van and decided to run out to get a pic before it goes. I got chatting to a chap in another big massive van who I ended up inviting in for some food. I went back in and told the guys I had to bake more pizzas as I had just invited some chaps to come and eat. It is only then that our friend Frank said “Do you know who these guys are”? I said no. Frank replied “They’re from Team Sky, the team Bradley Wiggins is in!!!”

I tell you, I nearly fainted!!! They came and had pizza and a long chat with us. A right lovely bunch of blokes, totally unassuming and extremely grateful for a very simple meal. Life is full of joyful little surprises. Love it, absolutely love it!!!