Bread, Cakes ...

Riversmeet in Cockermouth

"Wild Zucchinis Bistro opens in Cockermoth

Kevin’s breads are the bestest loaves I ever had! As I recently told someone, it’s one thing to know how to cook but to get it totally right it’s a gift and an art. Kevin’s got that!

Thanks to all that came to visit Wild Zucchinis at our stall at Riversmeet in Cockermouth at Riversmeet Resource Centre yesterday.

I had a wonderful time sharing the space with the wonderful Mary Cosgrove, photographer and cake making artist, Kevin McTiernan who yet again impressed our tastebuds with his wonderful breads, as well as Bonita, Cathy, Charles Wilcox and all the others …

Thanks to our loyal customers who bought our products, booked tickets for our next gig and also made the right decision in buying David James amazing organic beef from Varnycrooks farm!

D’you know, I just lurrrrrve my adopted community!!! What grand people to share life with! Watch out for our future events and have a good Sunday everyone! Here are some links:

Riversmeet in Cockermouth are on Facebook, click here: Riversmeet and click here for their website:

Every first Saturday of the month from 10-3pm Riversmeet host a Local and Homemade Craft & Produce Sale here:

Riversmeet Community Resource,

4 Market Street, Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 9NJ

Please invite your family and friends to this event. Here are some dates for your diary:

4th of May, 1st of June, 6th of July, and 3rd of August.


We will have a variety of crafts & produce on offer – rugs, wooly gifts, recycled wood products, preserves and jams, cards, local meat and veg, and bread and cakes! We welcome people to get in touch if they would like to sell anything, with 20 per cent of all sales going to keeping Riversmeet Community Resource open. Thanks, from Bonita Pilling


For information or to book a table, please email Bonita on:

This Event has been organised and run by volunteers of Riversmeet Community Co-operative, who are supporting the community to explore new approaches to using materials that may otherwise be thrown away and to buy more local!