Our Story

Here’s Our Story.

Wild Zucchinis Bistro came to life organically when Manon, a food lover and exceptional cook, decided to embark upon a new career path and share her passion with other people, who, like her, enjoy combining delicious food and entertainment. “We’ll bring some ‘lollapalooza’ to your events!” (typical Manon-speak.)

All the menus we create are from carefully sourced ingredients, where possible those are local, seasonal and organically-grown. Each menu we offer has options for food intolerance sufferers, vegetarians and vegans. We’re particularly mindful of the environment and are strong supporters of eco-friendly products and services.

Manon has an extensive experience in organising events both nationally and internationally. She is supported by a wonderful team of motivated and enthusiastic people as well as professionally-trained and experienced chefs.

“Well o’ well … Today I can officially say that it is probably the best birthday of my life!!! For years now I’ve been bantering about this big dream of mine and it’s finally become a reality! Here it is: the key to my dream, the soon to be open ‘Wild Zucchinis’ Bistro. A big thank you to Isobel and Alastair Silver for making this dream a reality and to all my many supportive friends and wonderful family who believe in me and my new venture.”

Manon Plouffe. September 24, 2013

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Manon Plouffe