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Magic from Empty Fridge

"Wild Zucchinis Bistro opens in Cockermoth

Yes it happens! Magic from Empty Fridge.

Love it when the fridge looks empty and yet I managed to rustle up something pretty good.

So … This is what happened: I had a bit of risotto rice left, topped it up with pudding rice then searched for bits and bobs to posh it up. Found a few sundried tomatoes, chorizo and, of all things, a few leaves left on a pak choi plant in the garden. Then I found a bread bap and a small piece of Parmesan that both needed rescued. I made garlic butter to put on the bap and then made Parmesan tuile to accompany the risotto. To top the lot I found some left over artichokes in a jar, one tomato and two spring onions. I turned these into a nice and easy little salad that I sprinkled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Tah dah! ’twas lovely!!!