Love from Quebec

"Wild Zucchinis Bistro opens in Cockermoth

One of Wild Zucchini’s half is having a little trip down memory lane in her native Quebec. Having a great time reconnecting with old friends and eating wonderful food, again!!! This morning I made butternut squash soup for my wonderful hosts:

Chop your squash in half lengthways, empty the seeds, fill the holes with olive oil and put 2-3 unpeeled garlic cloves and hot chilli pepper in them. Roast until soft. Empty the flesh of squash and garlic in a saucepan and wet with veg or chicken broth. Add a bit of grated ginger, lime zest and chilli. Whizz the lot, add coconut milk and a handful of coriander leaves. That is it! garrrrgeous 🙂

Love from Quebec, made for Patrice Daigneault