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Catering for The National Trust

"Wild Zucchinis Bistro opens in Cockermoth

The most adventurous weekend in Wild Zucchinis kitchen, so far! We’ve been catering for The National Trust.

… But it was the location that made this a real adventure!

First, we had to deliver a buffet on an island which involved lots of wind and a rather wet crossing on a very small open barge with lots of food and no jacket. When you don’t know what to expect, prepare for the worst!

Then there was the nearly four foot salmon that wouldn’t fit in our poacher or any of our pans! Thank goodness for my many angels who came to the rescue: Michael Fahmy (one of our kitchen mentors) who kindly filleted and advised us on how to cook the big mama, James Oates who assisted me in the kitchen and ended up taking care of the salmon from start to end, Darren Johnston who took us to the Island with utmost confidence whilst I was having a panic attack fearing the food would fly overboard. Darren was also extremely helpful to us on site which was so appreciated and most welcome.

I also wish to thank Mary Cosgrove for the delicious and beautiful sticky toffee cup cakes, Kevin McTiernan for the wonderful bread, Helen Tucker who came on board and helped with the service as well as my wonderful husband Andy May who’s always in the background working hard and supplying us with amazing ideas always. What a superb team we have here! Finally I would like to thank our dear customers Viv Edmond and Jessie Bins (National Trust North West) who used our services for their special event.

Below: The smoked salmon and asparagus quiche emblazed with the National Trust logo. Thank you to my gorgeous husband who’s idea it was and for making it into pastry. Thanks also goes to John Darlington,The National Trust Director for the North West who took this photo at Derwent Island House, Derwent Island near Keswick.

"Catering for the National Trust. Wild Zucchinis. Cumbria."
Catering for The National Trust

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