Bread, Cakes ...


"Wild Zucchinis Bistro opens in Cockermoth

Another ‘Mission Accomplie’ for us yesterday. The summed up centenarians and their guests were well pleased with our  ‘5 étoiles’ BBQ and their massive cake (to feed 60 people) on a sailing theme. I must admit it was a mighty challenge to accomplish this task without master cake artist and dear friend Mary Cosgrove who was not around to help us this week. At some point I was nearly in tears thinking “Where are you Mary where are you”.

All in all and apart from the ‘child like’ writing … I think I did ok considering I’d never used sugar paste before, let alone create waves and a sailing boat for a cake!!! I know I’m a long way away from fanciful wedding cakes but a novice has to start somewhere!

A great massive thank you goes to my delightful and wonderful husband who jumped in to help at the last minute as he so often does. What would I do without him.

Ahoy! Another bit of exciting news is that I’ve been asked to man a VIP space and help with the catering for one of the largest Gay Pride in da world!!! The organisers of Montreal Pride were so pleased with my services last year that they’ve decided to fly me over for this year’s event. I’m touched and proud! Being in my home town twice in three months is like being a little girl who’s seen Santa and Rudolph in her back garden after having left ALL the Christmas presents that she’d wished for! Yippyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

A Cake with a Sailing Theme